Opening Of Current Bank Account

  1. Any person approved by the bank may open the current bank account agrreing upon to comply with the rules governing the current bank account.

  2. A person intending to open an account must be properly introduced by the current account holder known to the bank.

  3. The current account can be opened in the name of individual in the single name,two or more individual in their joint name with surviour clause E or S/A or S/Jointly,sole proprietorship concern, Private/Public companies, institution, Trusts,Societies etc.

  4. The current account cannot be opened by minor,illiterate and blind persons. However account of minor to be operated by natural guardian may be opened as per bank's discreation.

  5. Current account is a running and active account which may be operated upon any number of times during a working day. There is no restriction the number and amount of withdrawal.

  6. An account may be opened with minimum of Rs.5000 only in cash after completion of all necessary formalities & KYC norms Rs.50 per transaction be deducted if balance is maintained less than Rs.5000.

  7. No interest will be allowed on current bank.