Following services are available free of cost at our ATMs to our Saving Bank account holders:
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance Inquiry
  • PIN Change
  • Mini Statement
Important Tips for using ATM
  • You can use your RuPay Debit Card at The Haryana State Co-Op Apex Bank Ltd. ATM or any Bank's ATM which is in the NFS network. Look for RuPay logo displayed at the ATM. This logo indicates that the ATM is in the NFS network. you can use your card at over 1.98 lac such ATMs across India.
  • You can withdraw cash minimum of Rs. 100/- to the maximum limit prescribed for the type of your account.
  • Enter your PIN correctly in the ATM, if you enter a wrong PIN three times repeatedly, your card will get blocked I such a situation, contact the bank immediately.
  • Bank will not be held responsible for any unauthorized transactions on the card.
Terms & Conditions
  • Bank reserves the right to approve or decline any transaction. The card holder cannot later deny any instruction given for this card.
  • Bank reserves the right to start new services for the card or to stop any existing service as and when required.
  • Bank reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions of ATM and POS services anytime.
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